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for renting our property

Hi! We are the Davidson Family and we can't wait for you to experience the majestic beauty of our property: the rolling hills, fields of flowers, forest wilderness, incredible views and our gorgeous barn. 


In order to host hundreds of people every weekend, year around, there are a few conditions that we ask our Clients to abide by in order to maintain excellent relationships with our neighbors and to maintain the beauty of our property  for years to come.  When signing a rental agreement, you agree to these house rules, which may be updated at any time.

Required Final Event Worksheet

In order to ensure quality events on our property, we have a final event worksheet to assist our Client's in their planning process and assist us in preparing for your event. It is also important to our business that all vendors who are on our property are reported and contact information is provided, incase we need to follow up with them to return property, address clean up or liability issues

  • The FINAL EVENT WORKSHEET is required and must be completed in full 

  • The Final Event Worksheet must be submitted within 60 days of your event

Hours & Curfew

Daily rentals are from 8am to 11pm with the following considerations:

  • Last call and last dance is scheduled for 9:30pm, with sound reduced at 9:45 pm

  • 10:00 pm curfew is mandatory with all sound completely off

  • One hour of clean up is included from 10pm to 11pm

  • 11:00 pm all guests who are not included in the onsite accommodations and vendors must have completed their tear down and vacated the property. If vendors need additional time for tear down, please inquire. There are options to add-on additional hours for clean up, but these need to be prearranged

  • Special arrangements may be made ahead of time for vendors to pick up rentals and equipment outside of the venue rental time. Please inquire.

  • Please contact owner immediately if the premises cannot not been vacated by 11:00 pm


​While we welcome children and families, please note that no special efforts have been made to “childproof” this property, and the Client accepts the risk or harm to any children on the property. These risks are not limited to, but include access to forest, property, cleaning supplies, plants and animals or insects that might be poisonous if ingested. While you are welcome to look at the cows, do not enter the pasture as the cows are enclosed by an electric fence. Parent supervision is required near the cows.

The Loft in the Barn

Included in the venue rental is an open loft above the indoor horse stalls. It is accessed via a tight spiral staircase.  It is intended as a limited getting ready area. It includes a bathroom and a small shower.

  • At no time are any children (age 13 and younger) allowed in the upstairs loft without adult supervision

  • At no time are any children (age 13 and younger) allowed on the spiral staircase going up to the loft without adult supervision

  • No persons should play on the spiral staircase leading up to the upstairs loft

  • Prior to 60 days before your event, Client must provide name and cell phone of the person who will be responsible for cleaning  and collecting personal items out of the loft at the conclusion of the event

Full Bridal Suite BnB

A Full Bridal Suite BnB is located in the lower level of our home, and is about a 5min walk from the Barn. The suite includes a full kitchen and living room as well as two bedrooms and two full bathrooms for overnight accommodations. It is a great use for the bride who wishes to wake up on location and get ready onsite with a few close friends. It can accommodate up to six people.  This accommodation is not included and can be added on by request at an additional cost.

Alcohol and Inappropriate Behavior

  • Beer and wine are allowed to be served on our property, following State of Alaska guidelines regarding permits.

  • Serving spirits (hard alcohol) is not allowed, however, exceptions may be considered, for a signature drink. Exceptions need to be approved ahead of time.

  • Alcohol must be served by a TAPs certified bartender

  • The Client wanting to sell alcohol on our property agrees to obtain the necessary permits through the State of Alaska and provide us a copy included with their Final Event Worksheet no later than 60 days prior to your event

  • A copy of TAPs cards must be provided to us no later than 60 days prior to your event

  • Under no circumstances may minors, or persons who are visibly intoxicated, be served alcohol 

  • Anyone who is visibly intoxicated, must leave the premises immediately

  • We reserved the right to remove anyone who is being destructive of property, fighting, drunk, smoking in the building, unauthorized entry into the facility, etc. The individual will be asked to leave immediately by our staff and not allowed to re-enter.

  • Client will not allow guests to engage in any illegal activity, or behavior that may disturb neighbors

Barn Sound and Amplification Guidelines

  • All volume levels must be respectful of the neighbors and follow Matsu Borough noise guidelines of a max of 60 decibels

  • For outside wedding ceremonies, amplification is allowed during the ceremony. After the ceremony all outside amplification is to be turned off

  • If any doors to The Barn are open during the reception the volume level must be reduced so as not to disturb the neighborhood 

  • Last call and last song is at 9:30 pm and amplification reduced at 9:45 pm

  • All amplification is off at 10:00 pm  


  • There is ample parking onsite for the up to 150 guests allowed at an event

  • Overnight parking must be approved by the onsite manager, and vehicles must be removed by noon the following day or risk being towed at owner's expense

  • There is absolutely no parking in the residential streets leading up to our property. Any vehicles parked off of our property will be towed immediately at owner's expense

  • All vehicles must be parked within designated parking areas, please see signs

Walk-Through of Property

We provide a free initial consultation to walk through the property to view and ensure our facility meets your needs. Most Clients do a walkthrough prior to booking. For the Client who wishes to do additional onsite meetings or walk throughs, please arrange for a designated walkthrough with the manager.  One additional walk through may be scheduled to meet with vendors on site and to plan the flow of your event, take notes, take measurements or finalize your details. 

Special Event Tents

  • All special event tents must be reviewed and approved prior to renting. Please do not rent or purchase any tents without written approval and a specific installation plan in place and approved

Smoking, Dogs/Pets and Urinating

  • Smoking, to include e-cigs, are strictly forbidden in the facility and will result in the forfeiture of the full security deposit

  • There is a designated smoking area outside of the north door, and is the only location on the property designated as such. Please no smoking anywhere else on the property. 

  • No dogs or pets allowed on our property. If a pet is brought to our facility, your event will conclude immediately, and your security deposit will be held for a deep cleaning

  • The venue manager needs to be informed of all service animals prior to the event

  • Under no circumstances will anyone, Client, guests, or vendors included, urinate outside on the grounds. There are flushing toilets within the barn for these purposes. 


  • Client will purchase event insurance and provide proof of insurance prior to 60 days before your event


Candles and Decor

  • Candles must be pre-approved

  • Candles that have been approved, must be enclosed in a glass/heat proof container and on a heat proof base

  • For hanging decorations nails, tape and staples are not allowed, except by pre-approval.  Consider using zip ties or fishing line. Client is responsible for providing your own ladders, supplies and set up equipment.

  • Absolutely no glitter,  straw, dyed flower petals in dark colors being put directly on concrete floor, confetti, rice, birdseed or the like

  • Use of balloons must be pre-approved. Any balloons that escape and become trapped in our high ceilings will be charged a removal fee.


The entire facility, inside and outside must be returned in like condition upon the end of the event, to include picking up and cleaning the facility

  • Cleaning responsibility includes: removal of all personal and rentals items, clean kitchen and clean bathrooms, fold up venue chairs and tables and put them in their designated storage, pick up trash, bag garbage and put trash in dumpster on site, stack any rentals for Monday pick up and put inside the barn in front of overhead doors at the back of the barn. 

  • Cleaning supplies will be provided for cleaning purposes 

  • A cleaning service may be arranged in advance with a local cleaning lady, starting at $325.00. 

  • Ad-on cleaning service includes a cleaning lady to mop the floors and clean the kitchen and bathrooms. Not included is removal of wedding decorations, personal items, cleaning up after catering, tearing down, stacking and preparing rentals for pick up, folding up chairs and putting them away, picking up trash, bagging garbage and putting in the dumpster, or stacking any rentals for Monday pick up, inside the barn at the rear bay door at the back of the barn. 

  • Prior to 60 days before your event, Client must provide name and cell phone of the person who will be responsible for cleaning  and collecting personal items out of the getting ready suites at the conclusion of the event

  • All send off materials must be environmentally friendly and pre-approved by our managers

  • All decor, personal items and rentals must be cleaned up and have vacated the premises by 11:00 pm at the conclusion of your event

  • A coordinator, whom is not the couple, is required. This person's contact information must be provided 60 days prior to your event. They must agree to stay from the beginning of your event until the conclusion of your event. They must agree to check in with our manager and complete a final walk through to assess clean up needs, damages and the like. If a coordinator does not check out with the manager, the security deposit will be held in full. We highly recommend that you hire a professional coordinator.

  • All event garbage must be collected in bags and put in the dumpster.

  • All vendors and service contractors are responsible for the cleanup and removal of their equipment, food, bar supplies and bag up their garbage and must be complete by 11pm

  • Client understands that At the Barn Matsu will not be held liable for any items lost, misplaced, stolen or damaged. The  Client is responsible to confirm that no items where left behind. Any items left will be donated to charity or discarded. 

Add-On Table and Chair Rental

For clients who have added on the table and chair rental, there are up to 20 round tables (60") and up to 150 chairs available for use. Set up and tear down of tables and chairs is not included. The client is responsible for ensuring any tables and chairs that are used are returned to the storage closet and put back as they found them. 

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